Five minutes by the vines with Jono

We caught up with our new Vineyard Manager, Jono Carter, for a quick walk around the vineyard…

1.  Earliest wine memory?
I was lucky enough to try Stanton & Killeen's '95 Shiraz based port. It blew my mind, there was just so much going on in every glass it was like I was exploring a forest of very tall trees on my tongue... up until then I thought that wine was squashed grapes that had gone off.

2.  What do you love about viticulture?
The thing I love about viticulture is… the vines – dull job without them! Viticulture is like bonsai art meets science: Every cane, every leaf and every shoot's position can bear influence over the vine, and the fruit.

3.  Favourite varietal to grow?
Shiraz. It doesn't rush; it’s not too early; it doesn't “throw laterals” everywhere. It wants to grow up and gently sprawl; and it’s not over-eager, in that it doesn't try to carry too much fruit. Nice balance, pretty dark berries.

4.  And to drink?
Any of the big reds. I want something I can ponder over and explore, something that can't be understood all in one go. It takes me a week to drink a bottle of wine; any faster and I feel I miss too much.

5.  What do you love most about the Rutherglen region?
Big skies and big sunsets. You can stand out in a paddock in Norong or Rutherglen or Bowser and watch the sun set until it hits the dirt.

6.  Last drink on earth?
As in before Lift Off? A nice aged rum might be nice...